Foods :5 Amazing Foods for Fat Loss

Foods :5 Amazing Foods for Fat Loss

If you want to reduce that belly fat then  there are 5 foods which you must include   in your daily diet. Not only these foods  are available in Indian homes but are also   extremely effective. We will discuss  how and when to consume them so that   you can get maximum benefit. So without  any further delay, let’s get started.

Reduce body fat

The excess  fat in the belly and overall body not only aesthetically looks bad but also obstructs the  normal functioning of other body organs. This   increases the risk of problems like fatty liver,  type 2 diabetes, heart blockage and high blood   pressure. So understanding that it’s important  to reduce excess body fat, let’s talk about 5   amazing foods to lose weight fast. These foods are  not only backed by Ayurveda but today even modern   studies have confirmed their effectiveness.

Best drinks for weight loss

Starting with #5 on the list is Hot water  Zero calorie, nothing fancy, hot water is probably  the best drink for weight loss food.

About hot water

Studies suggest that hot water breaks down accumulated fat into  molecules making it easy for the digestive system   to burn it. Drinking hot water increases the  temperature of the body activating metabolism. This increases blood circulation which helps lose  weight. If you have a large belly, start drinking   hot water. Big belly doesn’t mean it’s all fat. In fact, there are huge lumps of digestive waste   lying within. A 2016 study confirmed that when you  drink hot water after waking up in the morning,   it fastens bowel movements allowing better elimination. This reduces the size of belly.

You can keep hot water handy throughout with  yourself. Especially, if you drink hot water   between the meals, it will not only prevent you  indulging in unhealthy foods but also it will   dilute the waste present in the blood detoxifying  through urine. You can even add lemon juice to add   flavor. Now question arises, how hot the water  should be? Preferably like tea. Something which   you drink sip by sip. So, the next time, you  feel like drinking anything, drink hot water.

AMLA Aloe Vera and Ginger juice

At #4 is AMLA Aloe Vera and Ginger juice AMLA aloe Vera ginger juice is hailed in Ayurvedic   scriptures for its miraculous fat burning  properties. AMLA is extremely high in vitamin C which helps increase metabolism and burn fat. In  a study it was seen that people who consumed AMLA   daily had lower food cravings throughout  the day decreasing their overall calorie   intake. Apart from this AMLA is extremely high in  antioxidants and also kindles digestive fire. Aloe Vera juice is high in fiber. It is proven  to reduce blood sugar level.

In a study,   136 people found that taking aloe Vera gels for  just 8 weeks reduced their body fat. Ginger juice   is a metabolism Kickstarter. Promotes feeling of  fullness and increases thermogenesis making it   ideal for fat burning. In 2020 in a study when  ginger was given to rats, it altered their gut   in such a way that reduced their obesity. In fact  each of these three juices are powerful in their   own aspect but it’s their combination that is most  effective.

In morning, 1 hour before breakfast,   take 4 teaspoons of AMLA juice. Mix it with 4  teaspoons of aloe Vera juice. Make sure that you use aloe Vera juices with fiber. Then add around  1 teaspoon of ginger juice,. Now dilute it with   equal amount of water. You can use normal or warm  water. It’s up to you. Have it daily for 2 months. This concoction is so effective that it will  melt your fat and break your fat loss plateau.

Barley Foods

At #3 is Barley 10 thousand year old this traditional   food commonly known as jay is super especially for  weight loss. . Barley has this peculiar property   to dissolve the accumulated fat anywhere in the  body.  It is high  both in soluble and insoluble fiber. Studies   suggest that barley reduces bad cholesterol and  also reduces blood sugar.

One more thing which makes barley ideal for fat loss is that it is food for brain. Having barley in diet, stress   levels will come down, you will get better sleep,  stress eating will be restricted and fat burning   will increase. So you must be wondering, wo sab  to them him but how do I consume it. Popular is barley water. To make it simply boil soaked barley  in water. You can add a little lemon juice and   pink salt to it for flavor.

Barley chapati is a  good option. Where wheat chapati is heavy and high   in glycemic index, this one is light, filling and  low in glycemic index. It is also high in protein   and fiber. Barley Sat is easily available in  market. You can have that as a snack. Barley Dalia can be made with fresh seasonal vegetables.

Cabbage Broccoli Foods

At #2 is Cabbage Broccoli is seen as weight   loss food. But not many know that both broccoli  and cabbage are part of the same calciferous vegetable family. Particularly cabbage is very  low in calories. It is high in fiber and filled with water. Due to this, it adds bulk to stool. Basically it cleans the inner system better than   how we clean our homes on Diwali Foods.

Since cabbage  is rich in many trace vitamins, minerals,   polyphenols and Sulphur compounds, its intake  keeps hunger hormone in check for long. Scientific   studies show that when people eat cabbage, their  calorie intake decreases almost effortlessly.

So,   what is the best way to use cabbage for fat loss? Well, start consuming cabbage soup for dinner. If   not consume as pre-dinner. I have shared with  you a cabbage soup recipe for fat loss. You   can check it out. You can even make its vegetables or  you can eat it as salad before lunch. Cabbage is   available all round the year. Although, it’s only  in the rainy season that you should avoid it.

Moog Deal Foods

Finally at #1 is Moog deal Hardly any day passes when we don’t consume deal. However, among all deals, there is one dal which promotes weight loss like   no other. Its whole green Moog deal. Light on  the digestive system, high fiber, high protein,   you can consume it regularly.

Sprouts are low calorie yet a  filling food. Extremely high in protein, it is an   ideal food for fat loss. Now, if you think sprouts  aren’t tasty then then try this recipe. In a bowl,   soak moong dal for 5-6 hours. Moog beans will  swell up.

Tie it in a muslin cloth and keep it   in dark warm place. 10–12 hours and well sprouted  moong beans are ready. In a bowl, add sprouts, chopped onion, tomato, rock salt, black pepper,  generous amount of grated ginger, lemon juice, coriander leaves, bhuna jeera and just little  cold pressed sesame oil. Mix well and savor the   taste.

Not only delicious, it won’t cause gas as  well.  You can have it for breakfast or as a snack. To recap, in morning just after waking up,   drink hot water. You can keep hot water handy with  yourself in a thermostable bottle. Drink this water   throughout the day. It will keep you hydrated and  prevent unhealthy food cravings. 30–40 minutes  before breakfast, drink 4 teaspoons of AMLA juice,  4 teaspoons of aloe Vera juice with fiber and 1 teaspoon of ginger juiced with equal amount of  water mixed in it.


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